Printing Name Card Singapore with the perfect color scheme

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30th June 2018
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Printing Name Card Singapore with the perfect color scheme

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You should give a glance at your business card and think about its impact on the potential clients. There are many things that you want to take into your consideration. Here we are telling you some great things that you should improve to have a wonderful business card.

Theory of color

As per many experts, colors always put the right impact on the clients and thus you should choose the colors schemes carefully.

– Getting the perfect color

Perfect colors schemes will certainly attract the attention of everyone. As per the general human psychology, we are a natural lover of the beautiful colors. Thus you should choose colors which are great for the eyes.


– The psychology behind the combination of color

There are some particular combinations of the colors which are more attractive for everyone. Name Card Singapore printing companies can also tell you about some successful combinations to get more attention of people.


– Appling the theory to your business

There is no doubt that color combination and schemes are explained in details when it comes to theory. But you should take the initiative to bring this theory to your business. By doing him you will be able to improve your network in many folds and improves the number of the sales as well. Name card Singapore can be printed in a very attractive manner to have better business.


Design of the card

There are many options available in the designs of the name card Singapore. But you should give the preference which is nice on the standard card size. They are easy to fit in the pocket and increase the probability of the use by the individuals when they need you.

– Put the logo

You should put the logo of the company. This way your card will look distinguish from others. It will be very easy to find the card. The logo is also very impressive and gives a strong impression on the mind of the individuals. You must put the logo of your company on the top of your name card.


– Place the colors in right manner

The color schemes and design must be placed in the correct position on the card. It can make or break the impression of your card. Name card Singapore printing companies will give you many options for it and you should take the right decision.


– Use perfect paper type

The quality of the paper must be tough enough to last for years. The name card should be tough enough to handle any kind of worst situation. This will keep your card safe for a long period of time. It will also increase the chances of using it by many people.


– Pay attention to font size and other graphics

You should know the fact that size of the ideal name card should be according to the debit or credit card. Now you must be wondering about the reason for it. The logic behind it is very simple, customers or clients will be able to put them into your pocket. Cards which are out of the size and not suitable according to pocket are usually thrown in the garbage.


Brand value and culture


– Represent the cultural values

Name card is very important because it is also representing the cultural values of your organization. You must also take care of every single aspect and make sure that your punchline is also included in it.


– Should give a positive impression

Overall impression of the name card should give a positive impression on others. Logo, color schemes, and design must be perfect and it should be nice to hold for a long period of time. By taking care of all these things, you will be able to get the best value for your money using the name card Singapore printing services.

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